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About Me

Ramona Ciobanu personal sleep consultant about me photo

Ramona Ciobanu

Certified  Sleep Consultant

It all started with an ideal job that turned out to be everything but. Working 12 hour days under constant pressure to perform with the stress of answering to two different bosses that were never on the same page, sleepless nights became my new normal. Exhaustion, irritability, and constant headaches left me unable to focus as my brain was in a constant fog. It all trickled into my relationship as well, and when that ended, full blown anxiety and insomnia kicked it. At its worst, I was averaging three hours of sleep per night and was walking through life as a zombie.

I could not even connect the dots that my weight gain, blood pressure and chronic physical pain were all triggered by lack of sleep. I’d lost all control of my life and something had to be done. Trying to solve it on my own didn’t work, so I began seeing sleep doctors and sleep specialists. Medications that I was prescribed, full of scary side effects, didn’t work. 

It was only after I learned the root of the problem, discovered sleep therapy, and learned various ways to manage stress while incorporating better sleep habits that I was able to sleep well again, regaining control of my life. For the first time in years, I was happy, had energy, and my physical ailments began to heal themselves. I was amazed how getting a good night's sleep felt. 


Learning how common this was, that 1 in 4 people suffer from sleep the way I had, I knew I wanted to help. I went back to school and gained certifications in sleep science and stress management, and that’s how this business was born. I use science, holistic approaches, sleep therapy, knowledge I gained from countless specialists, and my personal experiences to help others get a great night of sleep. It has been my greatest accomplishment to be able to help others sleep better, feel better, and live better.


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