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For educational and informational purposes only

The information provided in or through this Website is for educational and informational purposes only and solely as a self-help tool for your own use.


I am not, nor am I holding myself out to be a doctor/physician or any other medical professional. As a sleep consultant, I am not providing health care, medical or nutritional therapy services, or attempting to diagnose, prevent, or cure any physical, mental or emotional issue, disease or condition. The information provided is based on my personal experience and information I have learned pertaining to sleep. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment provided by your own Medical Provider or Mental Health Provider. Always seek the advice of a Medical Provider and/or Mental Health Provider regarding any questions or concerns you have about your specific health or any medications, you are currently taking and before implementing any recommendations or suggestions from me or the website.

No Guarantees

My role is to support and assist you in reaching your own goals, but your success depends primarily on your own effort, motivation, commitment, and follow-through. I cannot predict and I do not guarantee that you will attain a particular result, and you accept and understand that results differ for each individual. Each individual’s results depend on his or her unique background, dedication, desire, motivation, actions, and numerous other factors. There are no guarantees as to the specific outcome or results you can expect from using the information you receive from me or through this website.

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